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Standing on some rocks in the middle of the Yangtze.

Trawling for sardines in the Yangtze.

At the street corner barbecue, I picked chicken, green beans, small Chinese bread pieces, potatoes and garlic. It was barbecued then mixed together. (For @mattlutton)

This group of elderly Chongqingers said they try to swim in the Jialing River every night. They all had floaties and a few had inflatable, waterproof bags that worked both as a life preserver and a place to store their clothing.

Tonight’s restaurant is on a corner of windy Tiyu Road. Standard street barbecue where you pick from a variety of skewers of meat and vegetables, but after they barbecue it they stirfry it with garlic and green onions and other flavorful things.

Under one of the many interchanges in Chongqing.

Simple breakfast on the street side (for @mattlutton).

Took a little while to figure it out, but finally made it down to the Jialing river on the Yuzhong side in central Chongqing.

A young couple wades in the Yangtze.

The futuristic Chongqing national theater. Waited as long as I could for a person to walk by in the heat…never happened. Wanted to show just how big the building is.